Social Media Management

Let Us Manage Your Socials

Social Media Management

You will receive exposure to our Social Media Network to include:

  • Status updates & Page updates from a minimum of 4 accounts & 2 Pages
  • Images or products from your site pinned to a minimum of two Pinterest Accounts
  • Status updates to a minimum of 2 Accounts.
  • Promotional Posts to a minimum of 2 accounts with at least 1000 connections
  • Numerous promotional posts using popular hashtags for maximum exposure, from a minimum of 4 accounts with a following in excess of 40,000 followers.

+ regular posts to other social networks and the option of guest blogging on the site, which will receive extra promotion too.

+ you will have the ability to change the direction of our promotion at any point, should you wish to promote a certain area, or certain product, simply let us know and we will promote that area for you.

So… contact 499 Designs today and see what we can do for your business promotion.